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2016 Kona Ironman Images From The Swim

Here's the story of Ironman Kona 2016: Finishers: Over 2207, most ever, slightly 2015's 2002 DNF: 4.5% compared with 6.7% in 2015 Average Finish Time: 11:27 vs 11:44 in 2015 Swim: 1:09 Bike: 5:52 Run 4:14 The difference between 2015 and 2016 average splits were 7 minute faster swim, 9 minutes faster on the run

Top 10 The Best Photos of 2016 Kona Ironman Asian Triathlon Online Magazine

With back-to-back fourth-place finishes in 2014 and 2015, Potts is re-inventing himself to become a Kona contender in 2016—by finally reaching out for help.. At the 2015 Ironman World Championship, for example, he decided to run 25c Continental Gatorskin tires with butyl tubes—the equivalent of showing up to the 5,000-meter track event.

2016 Kona Ironman Best Swim Photos AsiaTRI Triathlon From Short Distance to Long Distance

Kona 2016: Faces Of The Finish Line - Triathlete Kona 2016: Faces Of The Finish Line Photographer Paul Phillips captured the reactions of age-groupers as they crossed the Ironman World Championship finish line. High five Bookmark Photo: Competitive Image Heading out the door?

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The 2016 Ironman World Championship was a long distance triathlon competition that was held on October 8, 2016 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. It was won by Jan Frodeno of Germany and Daniela Ryf of Switzerland, both repeat champions from 2015.


The 2016 IRONMAN World Championship took place in Hawaii last weekend. As pro triathletes prepared for the grueling race, we interviewed them about their training, recovery and race preparations. Huge congratulations go to all Polar athletes who participated in Kona, especially to Sebastian Kienle and Mirinda Carfrae who finished second and.

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2016. 2036. 407. 20.0. The major difference in this year's results, as the table above highlights, is the faster swim; roughly 20% of the age group field finished under the hour mark. That's definitely fast for Kona, none of the years I have data for come close. Alongside this the bike and run distributions don't vary much and the impact.

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Ironman returns to Hawaii for the 2016 World Championship, where more than 2,000 athletes, including defending champions Daniela Ryf and Jan Frodeno, will compete for the title. KAILUA-KONA.

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Sat, Oct 8, 2022 · 2 min read Gustav Iden Gustav Iden won the Ironman Kona World Championship in a course record time, becoming the second consecutive Norwegian to win the men's world title and.

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RunTri Ironman Kona Hawaii 2016: Results Analysis, Advice, Qualifiers, Photos, More By Raymond Britt Ironman Kona 2016 Detailed Results Analysis: Overall, by Division, by Split, vs Previous Years and more Ironman Kona Fast Facts, Analysis and Advice Ironman Triathlon World Championship 2015: Comprehensive Kona Results Analysis

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Considered one of the hardest single-day athletic events in the world, an Ironman event consists of swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and running 26.2 miles back to back, without break a.

Top 10 The Best Photos of 2016 Kona Ironman Asian Triathlon Online Magazine

With all 2016 results this year was pretty typical for Kona. The swim was about three minutes quicker than normal - the ocean was relatively flat and big front groups stayed together for the men and women. As usual the bike and especially the run were slow compared to other courses.

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I just uploaded this RACE for the love of IRONMAN Sports, so that anybody who missed this race in 2016 can watch anytime and get inspired and feel kona vibes.

Kona roundup The 2016 Ironman World Championship pro race Triathlon Magazine Canada

63 9.8K views 7 years ago Watch highlights of the Ironman Hawaii 2016 Pro Women's Triathlon in Kona. Daniela Ryf is the Ironman Hawaii 2016 World Champion Triathlete and she broke the course.

2016 Kona Ironman Best Swim Photos Asian Triathlon Online Magazine

STAMFORD, Conn. - December 8, 2016 - NBC Sports will celebrate the 25 th anniversary of broadcasting the IRONMAN World Championship, this Saturday, December 10 at 2:30 p.m. ET, when it chronicles this year's edition of the iconic triathlon held in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

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Kailua-Kona in Hawaii hosted the 38th Ironman triathlon where 2,300 professional and amateur athletes gathered to tackle a 140.6-mile journey that presents the ultimate test of body, mind and.

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KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII - On Tuesday, just four days before the start of the 2016 Ironman World Championship, competitors from around the globe were settling in to Hawaii's heat and humidity.