The Originals Reveals Cami's Fate & a Major Player Says Goodbye E

The Originals Reveals Cami's Fate & a Major Player Says Goodbye E

On the other hand, The Originals could decide to go another route and have Pipes' character return, but in a non-mortal way. Whether it be by ghostly visions or dreams or even flashbacks, Cami.

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Bartender Student of Psychology (Graduated) Guardian of Hope Mikaelson (Briefly/Formerly) Psychologist Title (s) The Brave Bartender (by Klaus) Cheeky Little Minx (by Aurora) Love (by Klaus and Kol) Sweet Lady (by Vincent) Species Human (Originally) Vampire ( Rebekah's bloodline) Gender Female Family information Family Members

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03/08/17 AT 8:36 AM EST Leah Pipes plays Cami in "The Originals" Season 4. The CW One of the most shocking spoilers revealed in the Season 4 trailer of "The Originals" was the return of Cami.

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The life story of Klaus Mikaelson. With that in mind, Cami asks Klaus to serve as her stenographer this time around. She might have made peace with dying, but she doesn't want to leave without a.

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The same was also believed about The Originals ' Cami O'Connell — and then last week's episode happened. "I didn't think Cami was ever going to become a vampire," Leah Pipes tells.

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Thursday's fall finale gave fans the Klaus/Cami kiss for which they've been waiting oh-so patiently, but because no one in New Orleans is allowed to stay happy for long, the romantic twosome.

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For three seasons, Cami has been the human, psychologist, bartender, friend, love interest, new vampire, and more. And now, Klaus has lost the woman he loved. It was an emotional hour for.

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Klaus Rushes To Save Cami On 'The Originals' by Olivia Truffaut-Wong April 29, 2016 It seems that Cami was only meant to cheat death once this season on The Originals . After Aurora.

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Cami O'Connell may not have survived Lucien's bite on The Originals season 3, episode 19, but her words and wisdom will never be forgotten. She helped Klaus find peace and goodness in the.

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Did Freya work a miracle and find a cure for Lucien's bite to save Cami? Check out what happened in The Originals season 3, episode 19, "No More Heartbreaks.". Some episodes of The Originals.

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So not only will Cami be back, it looks like the patriarch of the Mikaelson family is returning, too. Even though both characters are dead. ("Dead" is so relative on a vampire show.) Klaus killed.

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May 4, 2016 It was with a heavy heart and tear-filled eyes, that viewers were forced to watch Cami die on The Originals , thanks to Lucien's fatal (and incurable) werewolf bite.

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It appears that Cami's appearance may have been a product of Klaus' psychological battles. Meanwhile, spoilers for the new season tease that Marcel will be faced with a threat once "The Originals" season 4 premieres. A new vampire clan will appear in New Orleans and Marcel will be tricked to welcome them nicely at first.

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Wiki Content Community in: Characters Camille O'Connell Edit Camille O'Connell Camille O'Connell Portrayed by Leah Pipes view image Nickname Cami, The Brave Bartender, Love, Sweet Lady Gender Female Born 1988 Turned December 25, 2015 Species Human, Vampire Physical Age 25 Actual Age 25 Status Dead Relationships Father Unknown Mother Unknown

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Despite the best efforts of the entire gang — even Marcel and Davina worked with Klaus on this one — Camille O'Connell, the bartender-turned-psychologist-turned-vampire, met her untimely end.